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Intelligence, Consciousness, Soul – the same enitity, part 2

The soul is consciousness and intelligence, and there is no difference between these two, except as terms of reference to be used as different angles by which to view the soul. That is, to view and understand the soul as … Continue reading

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Intelligence, Consciousness, Soul – the same entity

So far when I use the terms consciousness and soul I am referring to the same thing. In other words by consciousness I also mean soul, and by soul I also mean consciousness. Also, by use of the word intelligence I … Continue reading

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Meditation 1 – what meditation is and what its not

The following is an introduction to get-real-meditation, for those prepared to face things as they are, including themselves. Being able to do something is always easier when we know what it is that we are trying to do. If we … Continue reading

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The glass head

It was mid 2011. I awoke passive and observant, standing beside the bed, my body lying on the bed like a lump. I looked at the open bedroom door, sensing someone was about to enter. I expected the escort, although … Continue reading

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