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The dividing of intelligence

Above diagram shows human intelligence with its black and white prime distinction, actually the distinction between light and darkness. It divides further for every distinction within a distinction that we perceive, and wider with the widening of our awareness. The particular contrasting polarities … Continue reading

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Structures of reality, intelligence and knowledge correlate

Facts are units of truth, units of reality, and facts do not stand alone but contact and support each other throughout reality. All facts can divide into further smaller facts, offshoots of their parent fact, and all facts add to … Continue reading

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Human intelligence and its prime distinction

  Intelligence has and is a prime distinction. There exists a prime distinction at the source of the individual’s intelligence, of which the nature but not the degree of the individual’s intelligence is an extension. The individual’s intelligence is the … Continue reading

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Primeval Intelligence

It was circa 1992. I was in the car outside the public swimming pool waiting for my wife. For some time I had been musing on the nature of intelligence. I did not understand it, and I wanted to. I centered myself in … Continue reading

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