About this site

The aim of this website is to provide:

1. Accounts of my out-of-body excursions from 1983 to the present.

2. Description of the technique and mechanics of leaving the body, and descriptions of conditioning training.

3. Methods and techniques of prayer and meditation.

4. Describe the workings of the human psychological mechanism in a way that is clear enough for most students of the human condition to personally verify.

5. The above points are servants to the prime objective of this site which is to map the mind and provide some guidelines and landmarks along the way to proving the soul.

I am writing for all, but particularly for those readers who are interested in verifying for themselves what I describe, and so I include instructive posts.

We each must find our own way. We each have conscience, our own judgement and freewill.

I credit people with freewill and free intellect, able to weigh things up for themselves, able to consider options, able to make their own decisions, and to do things their way.

A statement put forward as a statement of fact, whether in reality it be true of false, to those who receive it it can only be information, an idea, a concept for consideration, something perhaps to explore.

Instructions are not orders, they are instructions, suggestions and guidelines, they exist for the taking or leaving.

The Home page

The Home page is the main blog page; it is a scroll of accounts and articles (posts) written by me. It displays no more than ten posts at a time, and then they recede back into the archives of older posts in the order they were written.


In the top right hand corner of the Home page are the Categories of subjects. Clicking on one of these categories will bring up all the articles that I have marked as being of that category.

I am trialling how best to categorise the posts.

The Definitions page

The Definitions page is a list of definitions as I use them. More will be added as required.

If I inadvertently use obscure words without defining them please let me know by leaving a comment and I will provide the definition.

I am a firm believer in defining terms. Without doing so, thought is fuzzy, communication is vague, discussion is messy. I like precision and clarity.

The Sidebar

In the sidebar down the righthand side of the home page are some sayings or short pieces of information for the reader’s consideration and amusement.


Feel free to leave comments – feedback, opinions, criticism, suggestions, questions, and have discussions.

No personal details or email addresses are required to leave comments on this blog, though it seems sometimes a name is required in the name box for the comment to immediately appear. Without a name the comment may await my approval before appearing.

Sometimes for some reason unknown to me a comment goes to the spam box. I occasionally check the spam box and put those comments back in the comment section.

There is also an email address: crossbow@outlook.com.au

Are the accounts and statements in this blog true or false?

Am I telling the truth, or confused, fantasising, deluded, hallucinating, schizophrenic, telling lies, or a mixture of these?

The Reader is the Judge of that.

I lay out the workings and describe my method so that those with the curiosity to do so might be able to verify the matter for themselves.





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