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The Picture Book

After the body went to sleep I was drawn down to the gravel flat in front of the property’s two farm houses where the cars and tractor turn around. It was a dark night and starry sky. All around was pastureland and the … Continue reading

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Faculties of Consciousness 3

The faculties of awareness divide horizontally into a higher level for mind and lower level for the physical senses. For example, the faculty of mental vision can see imagined thought on a higher level and on a lower level can see out … Continue reading

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Faculties of Consciousness 2

Attributes The attributes of consciousness, in their order, are firstly, awareness; secondly, freewill; and thirdly, the ability to apply force/energy. Each attribute of consciousness applies itself upon, through and in conjunction with the prior attribute. In other words, force is … Continue reading

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Faculties of Consciousness part 1

Previous posts have dealt with the attributes of consciousness. (here, here, here, here ) This post will describe the differences between the attributes and the faculties of consciousness. As an introductory definition: The faculties of consciousness are the divisions within the attributes … Continue reading

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Music wonderful Music

I wanted to know more about music, its physics, its origins, and its uses. Over several excursions out of the body, both escorted and unescorted, I learned some things about music that I did not imagine could be possible beforehand.

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Centralising Consciousness 2

Meditation / Centralising Consciousness 2 When our consciousness is centralised, our awareness and therefore our presence and identity, is held steady in the head. We are conscious of our self being set back behind the eyes, as if the eyes … Continue reading

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Intelligence, Consciousness, Soul – the same enitity, part 2

The soul is consciousness and intelligence, and there is no difference between these two, except as terms of reference to be used as different angles by which to view the soul. That is, to view and understand the soul as … Continue reading

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Intelligence, Consciousness, Soul – the same entity

So far when I use the terms consciousness and soul I am referring to the same thing. In other words by consciousness I also mean soul, and by soul I also mean consciousness. Also, by use of the word intelligence I … Continue reading

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Internal Locus of Control compared with Centralised Locus of Control

“Locus of control” is psychological term, used by some psychologists and counsellors to refer to where an individual assumes their location of personal control to be. (Locus being Latin for location.) The term is most often preceded with the adjunct external or internal. When … Continue reading

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Centralising Consciousness

For those who wish to study, explore and understand the workings of the soul and the human psychological mechanism, then being able to achieve centralised consciousness is a requirement; for in this sense, centralised consciousness is the foundation from which we work, study … Continue reading

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