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Meditation 1 – what meditation is and what its not

The following is an introduction to get-real-meditation, for those prepared to face things as they are, including themselves. Being able to do something is always easier when we know what it is that we are trying to do. If we … Continue reading

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Cognitive mechanics – emotional control


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Consciousness and the personality layers

The diagram in the previous post depicted the component parts of the personality with arrows depicting the direction of drive flowing from consciousness out through the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Here is a different depiction of the same system; … Continue reading

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Objective and Subjective

There are two principle perspectives which are required to gain understanding on most subjects. These are the objective and subjective perspectives. The objective perspective is an external view of the subject; it is when we view a subject from its … Continue reading

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Cognitive mechanics: component parts of the personality & the direction of drive

The boxes in the diagram below represent different parts of our personality separated from one another for the purpose of distinction. The arrows in the diagram depict the “direction of drive” or the outflow of impetus, which comes from consciousness … Continue reading

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Cognitive Mechanics – The Direction of Drive

All mechanisms, whether driven by combustible fuel, electricity, spring power, man power or any other power, consist of an arrangement of component parts which interact with one another in their respective ways. In their interactions with each other, these component … Continue reading

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Cognitive Mechanics

I don’t want to bore readers with accounts of out-of-body adventures while not explaining the mechanics involved. So it’s about time we started looking at the machinery of the soul, mind and personality, and understanding how it works. We will … Continue reading

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