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It was 1999 and the drought was several years in. Most of the regional lakes were low or bone dry. I drove out to one of the nearby lakes and saw it was very low. The water was several hundred yards … Continue reading

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Centralising Consciousness 2

Meditation / Centralising Consciousness 2 When our consciousness is centralised, our awareness and therefore our presence and identity, is held steady in the head. We are conscious of our self being set back behind the eyes, as if the eyes … Continue reading

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Meditation 2 – a beginning procedure.

Posture is not particularly important. Spine erect if possible because it assists alertness. Be reasonably comfortable but don’t be concerned about comfort too much; comfort is not important. Your hands may be together but they don’t have to be together, they can be … Continue reading

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Meditation 1 – what meditation is and what its not

The following is an introduction to get-real-meditation, for those prepared to face things as they are, including themselves. Being able to do something is always easier when we know what it is that we are trying to do. If we … Continue reading

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