The glass head

It was mid 2011.

I awoke passive and observant, standing beside the bed, my body lying on the bed like a lump.

I looked at the open bedroom door, sensing someone was about to enter. I expected the escort, although I don’t know why as I rarely saw him during that period.

Instead of the escort, a sub-continent Indian gentleman stepped into the doorway, dressed in traditional plain off-white dress which I think is termed a kurta.

Indian man

In his hands he held a life sized model of a human head, made of pale green transparent glass.

He stated he was here to provide a lesson for me and that my instructor had arranged for him to provide this particular lesson.

He stepped forward to the foot of the bed and sat the glass head firmly upon the near bed post. It is a tall bed and the posts at the foot are chest height, with square flat tops. He then stepped back from the head to give me room to observe it.


The glass head seemed to come to life with many colours and shapes inside it. But I knew it was not alive but rather some sort of elaborate working model.

Within the glass head I saw the working parts and energies of the human mind; the layers, centres and structures. Each part distinguished in a different colour. Each part transparent, like lightly coloured glass.

I could see through each part, to the parts behind it. I could see the interaction of the parts. It was not static, but was a working model, the parts were pulsing, moving, intermeshing as if it were alive.

It was multidimensional, not just a 3D replication like material medical models are, but possessed all the layers and dimensions of the human mind, from the physical layer with its skull and brain and tissue, through all the structures and functions of every subtle layer of the mind, right through to soul, and then further, it showed the structures and functions within the soul itself.

I watched its coloured parts pulsing, moving, interacting. Energy in the form of structures, and flows of energy running here and there. Energies being shifted, processed, transmuted. All in different colours.

I saw the head’s attention shifting as it scanned about the room, discerning, wondering, identifying, recognising, weighing, comparing everything its attention became aware of.

And with each shift of its attention, with each item it discerned, I watched the mechanism of its functions as it processed the items of its environment.

Deep within the soul of the head a certain structure caught my attention as it seemed central to all the functionings that where taking place. The structure was in the shape of a cross.

As the awareness in the glass head scanned about, copies of what it saw occurred within its mind, and the copies hovered and moved around the structure of cross, and the cross compared and prioritised, weighed and judged, and gave them value, then they were sent to be stored and filed in accordance with the value they were given by the cross. I realised I was observing the soul’s mechanism for assessing its value of all things discerned.

The Indian man told me that the structure I was observing is called the kuber. He told me I should look it up upon the internet and read about it; that I would find it interesting.

Within the glass model I could see that from the structure of the cross within the soul there extended two intersecting plates which descended downward through the layers of the mind, down through the subtle bodies, to manifest physically as the frontal face bone and the perpendicular plate that forms the midline structure of the nasal cavity.

These are the anterior faces of the maxilla and zygomatic bones and the ethmoid bone and volmer.

I was intrigued to see that the structure of the human face results from a structure within the human soul.

The cross shaped kuber extends as energetic plates to externalise as the frontal face of the maxilla and the ethmoid bone.

The cross shaped structure of the kuber within the soul descends as intersecting energetic plates down through the layers of the mind and subtle bodies to externalise as the frontal face of the maxilla and the ethmoid bone, volmer and nasal spine.

I followed the intersecting plates up and down several times between the cross within the soul and the bony structures of the skull. I was aware that all structures of the soul manifest as body parts, and functions of the soul manifest as functions of the body’s parts, for I had been shown this during many other out-of-body lessons, but this one really intrigued me. For some reason it seemed so unlikely, yet there it was.

The Indian gentleman picked up the glass head and vanished.

I awoke immediately in the body. Laid there for a while mentally imprinting and pondering the lesson. It was nearly morning. I got up and went to the computer and looked up the kuber.

I could find no such structure as a kuber mentioned anywhere. But what I did find was page after page about one of the Hindu Gods called Lord Kuber or Lord Kubera.

I found that Lord Kubera is the Hindu Lord of wealth and valuables, and is considered to be the treasurer of the riches of the world.

I read that Lord Kuber is usually depicted as a man adorned with jewels and carrying a money-pot or money-bag, and a club. He is also depicted driving a man by riding upon his shoulders.

I thought about the similarity between Lord Kuber driving a man and how one tends to be driven by one’s values.

Statuette of Lord Kuber the Hindu lord of wealth and valuables, is considered the treasurer of all the world's valuables.
Statuette of Lord Kubera the Hindu lord of wealth and valuables, is considered the treasurer of the riches of the world.
Lord Kuber, Lord of wealth and valuables, riding on a man.

Lord Kuber, Lord of wealth and valuables, riding on a man.

I got ready to leave. I had a long drive to a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy class. There would be much class discussion on values and beliefs, and how they drive the patterns of thinking and behaviour. My out-of-body experiences frequently provide an education that I find is required, utilised or followed up upon the next day.

I had an Indian friend in class and during a tea break I told him I had a dream about Lord Kuber. My friend told me about the Hindu religious and cultural significance of Lord Kubera the lord of wealth and valuables, and I told him what the Indian man in my dream showed me regarding the cross structure in the soul which he called the kuber and which assesses the value of all things discerned.

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