The Current World Conflict part 6

Several centuries after Socrates taught men how to think, Jesus Christ arrived and taught them how to love. He came to introduce the love of God to the hearts of men.

As Socrates did for the minds of men, Jesus did for the hearts of men. He widened their hearts and divided them. And subsequently their groups were divided, and those divisions were divided, and divided, and divided. And individuals were truly made.

Regardless of whether men believed in Jesus or not, regardless of whether they adopted his teachings on love or not, they had heard the story of Jesus’ life and teachings, they had been exposed to the concept of unconditional all-encompassing love and forgiveness for one’s neighbours, one’s countrymen, family, friends, strangers, sinners, enemies and those who would harm – love for everyone.

So whether they accepted or rejected him, they had heard the story of his life and the concept of love was now in their heads, if not in their hearts.

And with the concept of perfect love existent in the minds and active in the hearts of many men, those who could not stomach Jesus’ teaching, who cannot swallow it or take it in his message, whose preference is for power and control, and who are deceiving and manipulative of others, and who are anti him, cannot serve their aims well by arguing against his love and goodness and revealing their evil natures, so they portray themselves as if they too are loving, but with an alternative love and caring, one that serves themselves but dressed up to appear to care for others. They competed against love with false love.

And so the hearts of men became widened and divided, potentially capable of divine love to the furthest degree, and of evil to the furthest degree, dressed as apparent goodness and seeming perfect love. For it is not possible to teach one good thing without revealing its opposite.

Men had always had a vertical dimension to their souls, a line of force that ran downward through the centre. And subsequently all groups of men operated as a hierarchy of descending strength, from strongest down to weakest. It was descending strength that ruled men. And strength was right.

But now the souls and hearts of men were divided left and right. So as well as degrees of strength, men were now capable of great extremes of truthfulness and love on one side, and of falsity and evil on the other. And so they developed a horizontal dimension to their souls, and within that dimension a horizontal line of force and potential.

The cross of freewill within his forehead and seated in his heart became fully raised and active.

The scope of man’s freewill was now infinite. The universe with all its good and evil, and all its possibilities became his. And he had the guiding light of love to help him wield his freewill wisely, if he should choose.

So Christendom was born, comprised of those who have the risen cross within their souls and the infinite left-right dimension in their hearts.¹

And within which kingdom are found the extremes of human goodness and human evil, and every shade and colour in between. For within Christendom is freedom and full potential of the soul.

The commencement and progress of Christendom, with the expanding and dividing of hearts, across furthest light to furthest dark.

The commencement and progress of Christendom, with the expanding and dividing of hearts, across furthest light to furthest dark.

The individual could now range anywhere from furthest good to furthest evil seeming good, and before his freewilled judgement he could weigh the endless options against each other and make his choices.

And subsequently across Christendom in every country and every institution, the division arose between love and apparent love, between good and evil claiming to be good, and they contested with each other. With one ever trying to destroy the other. While outside of Christendom strength continued to rule, making little justification for itself, but that it was stronger.

And in their battle the sides of Christendom benefitted one another, for to progress, goodness needs false goodness to compete with. And false goodness needs goodness to match itself with and learn the rules of goodness, even if only for the false portrayal of its evil intent, until when or if a soul so chooses, it turns from darkness to light. 


¹ Related: The Glass Head,   The Spirit of Love for Earth,

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